20th Anniversary Events Fund: Guidelines and Application Form

CEU will mark its 20th anniversary through a variety of activities planned to take place until 31 December 2011.

The university administration, the Senate, and the Board agreed that the anniversary year should be used as an occasion for historiographical self-reflection and for institutional renewal, in particular by rethinking the mission of the University and by developing a new strategic development plan.

CEU 20th Anniversary Events Fund

The anniversary year is intended to stimulate large participation of members of all internal university constituencies (faculty, students, staff, alumni), as well as increased engagement with external constituencies.

A special 20th Anniversary Events Fund of 100,000 EUR was created in order to stimulate CEU units (departments, centers, ad-hoc research groups as well as officially registered alumni chapters) and individual members of the CEU community to propose and organize events under the auspices of the anniversary year. Depending of the volume and quality of applications, the administration may consider increasing this fund.

Eligible activities and costs

The 20th Anniversary Events Fund will support in priority the organization of academic events (seminars, workshops, small conferences, etc.), taking place until 31 December 2011, under the two main themes selected for the anniversary year:

  • Epistemological, methodological self-reflection of the disciplines, with special emphasis on the “data deluge”.
  • Social responsibility of academia – moral obligations and their discipline-specific academic limitations.

Events that highlight the interdisciplinary nature of CEU, and those involving partners from Hungary and/or abroad are especially encouraged. Other types of anniversary events (cultural events, exhibitions, etc.) will also be considered. Applications for academic events that do not fall directly under the two themes may be considered as well, but events directly contributing to the two themes will be given strong preference.

As a rule, applications can be submitted for up to of 10,000 EUR per event. All usual costs for such events will be considered eligible (travel, accommodation, conference materials, etc.) It is expected that such events would be organized in-house and there will be no need to pay for staff costs. Costs related to the publication of follow-up reports, brochures, or other materials are also eligible.

Application process and deadlines

Applications to the 20th Anniversary Events Fund can be submitted by individual CEU units, groups of units, or by individual members of the community.

Applications to the Anniversary Events Fund shall be submitted to the Secretary to the Anniversary Committee, Julia Iwinska at IwinskaJ@ceu.hu.  Applications can be submitted at any time during the anniversary year, until the available funding is exhausted, using the special application form (Annex 1).

CEU 20th Anniversary Committee

  • Katalin Farkas, Professor, CEU Provost/Academic Pro-Rector, Department of Philosophy
  • Éva Fodor, Associate Professor, Department of Gender Studies
  • Natasha Lueth, Student representative
  • Liviu Matei, Professor, CEU Chief Operating Officer, Department of Public Policy
  • Tamas Meszerics, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science
  • Ildiko Moran, Vice President for External Relations
  • Brian Porter, CEU Director of Development
  • Istvan Rev, Professor, Director, Open Society Archives, Department of History