New Strategic Development Planning Process

As we begin our twentieth year, CEU is reviewing its mission and initiating a strategic planning process to set goals for the next five years, and to articulate a broader vision for the next decade. The last such planning process began in 2000 and culminated in a strategic development plan adopted in 2003, ahead of the initial accreditation of the university by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

The vehicle for this review will be the Strategic Development Committee of the Senate. The Committee held its first meeting on 6 December 2010 and will continue its work until the adoption of the new strategic development plan by the Senate and the Board of Trustees.

The development of the new vision and strategic plan represent a major event in the life of the university and the Committee will work in close consultation with all CEU internal constituencies. The present section of the anniversary website was specifically designed as a platform for all members of the CEU community to share information about the progress of the strategic development plan and as a means to allow large internal participation in the process.

John Shattuck (Committee Chair) 
CEU President and Rector
Dorothee Bohle
Associate Professor 
Head of Department of Political Science
Aleh Cherp
Academic Secretary and Research Director
Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy
Stefan Cibian
Teaching Assistant 
PhD Candidate
Stuart Durant
Managing Director of the CEU Business School and Program Director of Real Estate Studies
Director of the Campus Redevelopment Office
Katalin Farkas 
CEU Provost/Academic Pro-Rector
Department of Philosophy
Constantin Iordachi 
Associate Professor 
Head of Department of History
Co-director, Pasts, Inc., Center for Historical Studies;
Adjunct Associate Professor of History, Business School, BS Non-Business Areas, CEU
Liviu Matei 
CEU Chief Operating Officer
Department of Public Policy
Istvan Rev 
Director, Open Society Archive

Strategic Development Planning Committee

  • John Shattuck (Committee Chair), CEU President and Rector
  • Nadia Al-Bagdadi, Professor, Head of Department of History
  • Elena Cristina Balea, PhD Student
  • Aleh Cherp, Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy
  • Katalin Farkas, Professor, CEU Provost/Academic Pro-Rector, Department of Philosophy
  • Peter Johnson, Vice President for Student Services 
  • Paul Marer, Professor, CEU Business School
  • Liviu Matei, Professor, CEU Chief Operating Officer, Department of Public Policy
  • Istvan Rev, Professor, Director, Open Society Archives
  • Gabor Toka, Professor, Head of Department of Political Science
  • Tatiana Yarkova, Academic Secretary